100in1 Day: A Call Out to Community

Written for Spacing Atlantic

HALIFAX – There’s a certain feeling that comes with cleaning up garbage from a beach or helping out at a community supper. Besides meeting neighbours and beautifying your environment, you notice just how easy it is to make a positive change in your community. You realize just how much power you hold as an individual.

100in1 Day is not a new idea, but a banner under which the powerful ideas of a community can gather. 100in1 Day is a community enabler, a conversation starter, and a platform for self-expression. It’s a day of citizen-driven actions creating positive change in the Halifax region.

Last year, interventions included a local photographer taking free family portraits at a community hub in the Spryfield neigbourhood, a high school student providing a free, nourishing breakfast on Spring Garden Road, and a woman sharing her passion and knowledge by giving tours of a local graveyard. Community members gathered around these interventions, sparking conversation and friendship-making. Participants walked away with full bellies, memories, and a newfound understanding of the place they live in.

So far, 100in1Day Halifax will have origami folding, an art installation commenting on the state of our oceans, and a parade. As you can see, the events can vary from thought-provoking to a joyful encounter. What ties the events together is the aim to inspire positive change in our city.

Let’s get more than 100 of these events happening on June 6th all around the Halifax region! Do you have an idea, big or small, for 100in1Day? If you need help brainstorming or figuring out how to implement your idea, we hold workshops and meet-ups leading up to June 6th to help you get your dreams off the ground.

Just want to check it out? Please do! 100in1Day is for you, Halifax.

All the interventions will be mapped out on our website, so check out what is happening in your area on June 6th. Please visit 100in1day.ca for more details.