Not your Typical Cocktail Bar

In a shaker mix: 1 part passion, 1 part charm, 2 parts skill. Shake and serve in a tall glass over a hand-cut cube of history. Enjoy Halifax’s newest bar and restaurant: Lot Six.

By Grace Szucs

 Photo credit: Jessica Emin

Photo credit: Jessica Emin

Written for SOAR Halifax

Taking a step back from traditional three-course meals in favour of a more leisurely experience, patrons are encouraged to linger and converse with the servers. “We want to be able to teach,” says Marion MacLean, restaurant manager. The staff’s expertise in food and drink is a cornerstone of the Lot Six experience. Within a few weeks of opening, MacLean has seen groups of patrons stay for eight hours at a time—by choice.

“It’s a cocktail bar, number one,” says MacLean. The drinks have been designed to pair with the menu by bar manager Jeffrey van Horne and his team. The kitchen serves up what they call “Spanish-style small plates.” Not quite tapas, these intricate dishes are for sharing and inciting conversation among diners. The goal is to leave the meal thinking “Wow, my tongue is actually bouncing,” says MacLean.

Lot Six is the latest in a long tradition of restaurants to line Argyle Street in Halifax, and part of an even longer line of drinking and eating establishments in the building itself. “It’s long seen as a place where people could come, be taken care of, and have a great time,” says van Horne.

 Photo credit: Jessica Emin

Photo credit: Jessica Emin

The name originates from the site number where the atrium of Lot Six now stands. Some readers may remember the space from its days as The Newsroom Restaurant in the 1980s. Before that, the site was part of the Carleton House, an 1860s addition to the adjacent Bulkely mansion—built around 1759. It passed through many hands over the years.

Van Horne and MacLean want to advocate for Nova Scotia. They are dedicated to elevating the Halifax restaurant scene by bringing a new kind of experience to town, and pumping more life into Argyle Street. “Halifax needs people who stay here and push the culture,” says van Horne.

Lot Six blends Nova Scotia’s reputation for friendliness with the class and style of a larger city. There is a shared goal of successful businesses working to make Halifax a destination.